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“Sports and culture are inseparable,” said Ambassador Tunde Adetunji after accepting the United States Sports Academy Award on behalf of the Africa Heritage Foundation and Africa. Presenting the award, Dr. Thomas P. Rosandich, who founded the academy in 1972 and has witnessed the academy flourish with programs in more than 60 nations, the ceremony foreshadowed of the role sports will play in the international growth of Africa.

CEO Dr. Thomas P. Rosandich and Ambassador Tunde with the USSA Award affront the African Union Flag

The understanding and mutual relationship between the Africa Heritage Foundation and the United States Sports Academy is the perfect summary to Ambassador Adetunji’s words. As it stands, the Africa Heritage Foundation was consolidated largely because of initiatives that began and flourished in conjunction with the 1996 Centennial Olympics in Atlanta, most notable, the Africa-Atlanta Project. The award signifies and recognizes the Africa Heritage Foundation’s role in advancing culture and opportunity, with sports as a medium.

The event was attended by top executives, faculty, and staff of the academy. Upon being conferred the honor, Ambassador Adetunji seized the opportunity to announce the Africa heritage   foundation   campaign launch for the first ever bid for the Olympics to be held in Africa for 2024 and 2028.

Academy Vice President and COO Dr. T.J. Rosandich presents Ambassador Tunde with the USSA Award

Similarly, the campaign for the first ever Africa FIFA World Cup, which was held in Johannesburg in 2010, was pioneered by the Africa Heritage Foundation, just briefly after the successful All-Africa games held in Johannesburg in 1999.

The 1999 All-Africa Games honored the lifetime achievements of world-renowned anti-apartheid activist Nelson Mandela. In celebrating these great achievements for Africa, it was the Africa Heritage Foundation’s honor to aid in the facilitation of the World Cup’s presence in South Africa. Because of an achievement as momentous and recent as the hosting of the World Cup in Johannesburg, the AHF’s vision for Olympic presence as soon as 2024 or 2028 is too earnest to be ambitious.

In light of the myriad of achievements the AHF is pursuing the momentum tirelessly, spreading its works and lectures in capacity building, and cultivating human resources by way of invitation in the university systems of China, Brazil, and the Caribbean. These proceedings and dialogues are held with the ultimate objective of establishing new universities and centers. Advocating the alteration of ‘brain drain into brain gain’, the AHF is taking the battle for cultural development even as far as Australia.

CEO Dr. Thomas P. Rosandich receives precious maps explaining African history from Ambassador Tunde

The hosting of the FIFA World Cup in South Africa has brought tremendous growth and progress to South Africa and its sub-region has been noted by the global community in many frontiers. According to the International Monetary Funds statistics, Africa is one of the premier emerging markets of the world, showing consistent economic growth, even in the midst of the global recession of recent years.

Anchoring his lecture on the theme of the Africa Heritage Foundation, ‘Africa Matters, Africa is the Future’ Africa’s Cultural Ambassador, Tunde Adetunji, seamlessly melded the topic of great, bygone African empires and kingdoms to celebrate Africa’s ‘Journey through the Ages’ exhibition at the academy. The event leaves yet another mark for the Africa Heritage Foundation and Africa Heritage Center in the multitude of achievements toward their mission of connecting the United States and the Diaspora to Africa.

The event took place on the campus of the United States Sports Academy, which is also home of the American Sport Art Museum and Archives. The formidable collection hosts more than 1,000 works of sports related art, as well as an outdoor sculpture park. It is the vision of Ambassador Adetunji, to see the natural talents in athletes honored and cultivated. “We must develop the talents and life ambitions of our youth, and provide a pathway for them to achieve international recognition for their hard work.”

In the spirit of honoring athletic excellence and camaraderie, it is the Ambassador’s intent to honor Olympian medalists in the spirit of leadership, unity and cooperation by hosting both a parade and creating a designated Hall of Fame for outstanding athletes in  the 6th region of the African Union, the Diaspora.

The USSA is historically instrumental in the documentation of great achievements in sports, and honors athletes of repute, such as Pelé, Michael Jordan and Muhammad Ali. Receiving the distinguished United States Sports Academy Award encourages the Africa Heritage Foundation’s name to sit alongside other prolific achievers, sports celebrities, philanthropists, sports administrators and legends.

Continuing this crusade of ‘bridging the gap and building the bridge’, Amb. Adetunji has secured invitation to California, Brazil and Australia to mount the most internationally present campaign yet in the Africa Horizon movement.

It is the Africa Heritage Foundation’s honor and duty to represent and promote the continent of Africa and her many peoples. This recent accomplishment is another achievement for Africa’s people, and the Diaspora, to be proud of. The AHF celebrates its sincerity and excellence in the pursuit of developing the potential of individuals, and providing a platform upon which academia, sports and development can all stand.



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The Africa Horizon Movement has made momentous changes in world developments pertaining global policies and the shaping of policies and trends in the continent of Africa’s relations. Since its inception in the Centennial Olympics hosted in Atlanta in 1996, the movement initiated by the Africa Heritage Foundation under the leadership of its CEO, Ambassador Tunde Adetunji, has sparked changes in university programs that span the globe, definitive lectures and forums, key legislation, Africa-based Olympic bids, new economic partnerships and endeavors, changes in world opinion, and generally, African heritage and prestige.

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life,” quoted Ambassador Tunde Adetunji, from Proverbs 13:12. Africa Day, and adjoining commencements and accomplishments, have proven to be exactly that for all people affected—a tree of life.

Functionally, the branches on this tree lie heavily in the world university institutionalization aspect, in which the AHF’s works and the lecture series of the Africa Horizon Movement are being chronicled into case studies to be disseminated, shared and studied in universities and colleges that span China, the Phillipines, Oceania, South America, Africa, North America, the Caribbean and West Indies.

2013 marks the 10th year of the Africa Heritage Foundation’s ceaseless efforts in facilitating Africa Day, a landmark, global movement officiated a multitude of respected entities—not least of all the Secretary of State’s office, the Martin Luther King Center, the Center for Disease Control, the Atlanta City Council, Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Morehouse College, Southern Polytechnic University, 100 Black Men of America, Inc., the African Union, Lt. Governor Casey Cagle, Governor Nathan Deal and the United States Sports Academy, to name a few.

The auspicious day stands to not only celebrate the richness of African virtues and history, but also to facilitate growth and camaraderie between the United States, Africa, and the Diaspora. In the spirit of connecting the multitude of peoples from these far-reaching lands, the African Union, a political and administrative body that represents entirety of the 55 nations of Africa, has decided to fold the histories of people of African descent together, side-by-side, as they should be.

The Africa Horizon Lecture and Gala at the USAfrica Diaspora Summit will not only celebrate the accomplishments of the United State’s first African-American president, Barack Obama, but will especially honor his hero and mentor, the anti-apartheid activist and the first president of African descent in South Africa, the honorable Nelson Mandella.

Additionally, this year’s honors from the AHF began in February, conjoining with the United States’ Black History Month. The grand culmination of celebration this year in September will stand, symbolically, between the founding of the Organization of African Unity in May 25, 1963 and The Great March on Washington, in which Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his ‘I Have a Dream’ speech, in August 28, 1963, marking the 50th anniversary of accomplishments that affect not just these two continents, but the world.

AHF facilitated an African Union Communication Forum and Forum in Addis Abba, Ethiopia, which heavily emphasized the importance of synergy and unity between the United States, the Diaspora and the 55 nations of Africa. The forum was populated, appropriately, by leaders and diplomats from the African Union.

Senate Resolution 9 also cleared this year in both the senate and the house, in great part because of the steady and concentrated efforts of the AHF. This legislation designates Georgia as the ‘epicenter’ of cultural and economic exchange between the states and Africa and is in lieu with Governor Nathan Deal’s commendation of Africa Day, in which he cites the primary objectives of Africa Day being ‘[the development] of international trade, supporting emergence of Africa’s private sector and promoting the beneficial relationship between African nations and the United States’.

SR9 also makes cultural, legislative, logistic, commercial and economic declarations that form the foundation for the exchange of knowledge and business between the states and Africa for years to come. Spearheading the relationship, AHF is backed legislatively by the resolution. One objective of significant note reads: ‘[to] Encourage and support the establishment of Africa Heritage Foundation headquarters for the purpose of making the city of Atlanta and the State of Georgia the international headquarters of the foundation chapters in all the 55 nations of Africa and the Diaspora, including Brazil, Australia, and the Caribbean as well as the proposed chapters of the Foundation in all the 50 states in the United States.’

United States Sports Academy Award has also awarded the Africa Heritage Foundation in June, whilst the AHF made its Olympics-in-Africa bid. Presented the award by Dr. Thomas P. Rosandich who founded the academy in 1972 and has witnessed the academy flourish with programs in more than 60 nations, the ceremony foreshadowed of the role sports will play in the international growth of Africa.

In April, the AHF held the ‘Journey Through the Ages’ symposium on education and research, which highlighted the special role Africa plays in the world’s culture, educational and economic sphere. The ‘Journey Through the Ages’ symposium is a respected, definitive series accredited by the National Commission for Museum and Monuments and the World. The event was headed by Amb. Tunde’s lecture about bygone African empires and kingdoms. Attended by top executives, faculty and staff of the academy and its allies, the auspicious occasion acknowledged the merit and triumphs of the AHF.

Several economic and legislative designations set the pace of exchange in commerce, human resource, knowledge and culture. Some notable designation include the establishment of an African world museum and center in Atlanta, the establishment of the Africa Heritage Foundation Institute of African Nations Science and Technology to be located in the State of Georgia and work in collaboration and partnership with Georgia Institute of Technology, and the establishment of the Africa Heritage Foundation’s headquarters for the purpose of making the city of Atlanta and the State of Georgia the international headquarters of the foundation chapters in all the 55 nations of Africa and the Diaspora, including Brazil, Australia, and the Caribbean as well as the proposed chapters of the Foundation in all the 50 states in the United States.

Additional legislative designations mark Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and the port of Savannah as the chief transport hubs of good as personnel, and expressly tie job creation initiatives, educational initiatives and cultural initiatives together—all expressly marked to be promoted, established and supported with the United States government’s implicit aid.

The Chairwoman of the AU, Her Excellency, Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, the first woman to hold the position in either the African Union or its predecessor Organization of African Unity, will be visiting Atlanta in September to speak at the Africa Horizon Lecture and Gala for the USAfrica Diaspora Summit. This marks the second time any chairperson of the African Union has stepped onto the United States’ soil.

The leaders of various nations in the world are expected to attend, alongside African royal families, corporate executives, dignitaries and people of interest. The various ambassadors of the United Nations are also expected to attend this year.

“The climax of the Africa Horizon Lecture is elastic,” explained Amb. Tunde. “This is not a one day or one month ordeal. Every day is a movement.”

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“Africa is open for business,” the CEO of the Africa Heritage Foundation, Ambassador Tunde, proudly declares.

August 14, 2013 — Marietta, Ga– This year will not only mark the fifth visit of the powerful delegation of African Union top   Executives  and  Chairperson, but will also coincide with the African Union’s 50th Anniversary as well as the 50th Anniversary of the historic March on Washington, a moment immortalized by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s  ’I Have a Dream’ speech. Not least of all, it will also coincide with Africa Day celebration and  the inauguration  of  the  city  of   Atlanta  and  the  state  of   Georgia  as  the  epicenter  and the destination of the 55 nations of  Africa  business  potentials  and opportunities  to  USA pioneered and founded by the Africa Heritage Foundation, which is heralded by the Atlanta City Council, Georgia State Senate, the Office  of  Governor Nathan Deal  of   Georgia, Africa  Union  Commission, the  United  Nations , the Martin Luther King Center, Southern Polytechnic State  University, Morehouse College, the CDC, the Secretary of State’s office, the World  Affairs Council of  Atlanta , the 100 Black Men of America, Inc., and Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

The new Chairperson, Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, is the first woman chairperson of the African Union, and acts as a single voice for the AU. Her visit in September follows the legislation of the SR9 Resolution which specifically designates Georgia as the international gateway for the exchange of knowledge and commerce between the United States of America , Africa  and   the  Diaspora. This powerful new legislation opens a promising pathway of commerce for not only Georgia, but the United States as a whole, and is in lieu with Governor Nathan Deal’s commendation of Africa Day, in which he cites the primary objectives of Africa Day being ‘[the development] of international trade, supporting emergence of Africa’s private sector and promoting the beneficial relationship between African nations and the United States’.

The SR9 resolution is the culmination of the African Horizon Movement which began in 1996 with the Olympics in Atlanta, and signifies the Africa Heritage Foundation’s dynamic work toward the celebration and unification of people of African descent-indigenous, intimate , and distant-across the Diaspora.

The Chairperson seeks to address all the nations of the world simultaneously. National leaders, CEOs of Fortune  500s, the  Africa  Business Round Table, the United Nations, and major associated press, whom all have a vested stake in the future of the world’s economy and direction, are invited to hear the message of the AU, “Africa is the future. Africa matters.” Committed to mutualistic business opportunities, this four day event will provide crucial information about Africa’s development and future, while simultaneously seeking to establish partnerships for the development of Africa and the bridging of international gaps between Africa, the Americas and the Diaspora.

Africa is open for business,” the CEO of the Africa Heritage Foundation, Ambassador Tunde, proudly declares. “This is larger than Georgia. This is larger than the United States. This is larger than Africa. This is about bringing the world together for sustainable development and divine economic undertaking. This is a new legacy of mankind.”

The Press Director of the White House expresses the desire to make the African Union ‘the face of Africa’. President Obama, recently awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Law from the University Johannesburg, was asked, “What will be your legacy?” His answer was, “Africa will be my legacy.” Citing Nelson Mandela as his hero, this recent honor symbolizes not only the President’s stake in Africa, but interwoven future of the United States and Africa. “The destiny of Africa and America is tied together,” once stated Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma.

The recent investment of China into the African Union with the construction of the African Union Conference Center has set the tone for foreign interest in emerging African development. With maturing and continued ventures from the States, the facilitation of a lasting relationship with Africa will generate job opportunities and incalculable growth. The strategic use of resources, wisdom in communication and coordination, and the invaluable capital of trust and dignity will set the pace for the growth between Africa and the States for years to come, if not, the pace of growth in the world.

“Africa is the continent of possibilities and has re-emerged as the new frontier and the antidote to the global economy,” says Ambassador Tunde Adetunji. “Vision is greater than ambition.”

For more information: 6785085240 or 4045874619.

About Africa Heritage Foundation: Its our collective responsibility to make Africa the cynosure of the world, and make ATLANTA the gateway of Africa nations and potentials to USA.
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Atlanta City Council recognized on June 4 the importance of building business relationships between Africa and Atlanta during a ceremony on the steps of the Georgia Capitol that drew more than 40 local officials and supporters.

As part of the fifth annual Africa Day celebration, sponsored by the Africa Heritage Foundation, the council offered a proclamation signed by all its members praising the efforts of the foundation and acknowledging future opportunities on the continent.

Under the leadership of chairman and CEO, Tunde Adetunji, the foundation organizes the celebration every year to inform people on business opportunities in Africa.

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Press Release


The African Union Chairperson, Dr. Jean Ping, visits Atlanta, Georgia, at the invitation of the Africa Heritage Foundation.  The visit is an important milestone for the Africa Diaspora community, a foundation step for Atlanta to tap into opportunities in Africa and the continent’s potentials.

President, Robert Michael Franklin presents the Presidentail Award to H.E. Dr. Jean Ping, Chairman of African Union Commission

The Chairperson of the African Union Commission began his second official visit to the United States with a two-day visit to Atlanta, Georgia, from 16-18 April 2011.  He was accompanied by a high level delegation, including his Chief of Staff, the AU Ambassador to the US and the Director of the AU’s Diaspora Programme, amongst others.  The visit, which was arranged and coordinated by the Africa Heritage Foundation under the Leadership of Chief Tunde Adetunji, represented an important milestone in the history of the AU’s Diaspora Initiative and its relations with the State of Georgia in general and the city of Atlanta in particular.

The visit commenced on Sunday, 17 April 2011 with a visit to the Martin Luther King Centre where Dr. Ping was received by the CEO, Martin Luther King III. Mr. King observed that he saw the visit as a memorial to his father, the late Martin Luther King Jr. and the vision of freedom, liberty and social justice that his father espoused.  The Chairperson of the African Union Commission concurred with this view.  Significantly therefore, Dr. Ping commended the doctrine of non-violence that Mr. King preached as an inspirational message that was guiding the African Union in its approach towards conflict management and resolution and peacemaking and peace building on the continent.

Subsequently, the Chairperson attended a Church service at the new site of the Ebenezer Baptist Church that Martin Luther King Jr. and his father had served as pastors. In the course of that service, he addressed the faithful on the Martin Luther King legacy and the efforts of the African Union to foster peace and development in Africa and reach out to its Diaspora population. In the aftermath of the Church Service, the Staff of the King Centre led the African Union delegation on a tour of the premises and facilities.

Later that evening, the Chairperson of the African Union Commission attended a reception organised in his honor by the Africa Heritage Foundation where he received a resolution from Senator Gonzalez James on behalf of the Georgia Senate and a proclamation by Atlanta Council Member, Michael Bond, on behalf of the City Council. The  CEO of  Africa heritage  foundation  Chief Tunde Adetunji  whose visionary  project  of  bridging   the   gap   and   building   the  bridge  established since 1996  Olympic proclaimed and  presented  the  award of  honorary  citizenship  of  Georgia on  behalf  of  the  secretary of  state  of Georgia,  Brian P. Kemp, to the Chairperson Jean  Ping and  the AU permanent representative to USA,  Honorable Ambassador  Amina  Salum Ali.

On 18th April 2011, the visit resumed with a tour of the Centre for Disease Control (CDC).  Dr. Ping was conducted round the facility and had critical discussions with the staff of the CDC on the work of the Centre and its usefulness to and applicability for Africa.  The visit underscored the need for cooperation, coordination and joint ventures to combat and prevent the spread of diseases in Africa and to promote appropriate public health policies and practices.

Following this, Chairperson Ping, on special invitation, organised by the host, Africa Heritage Foundation, addressed a session of the Atlanta City Council, in which he laid emphasis on the investment opportunities in Africa and how the program of cooperation between the city of  Atlanta ,  the  entire    state  of   Georgia  and Africa can take advantage of this for the mutual benefit of both parties.  He urged the need to follow-up quickly on the visit with practical actions. Dr. Ping was also a special guest on  Africa Heritage Radio and TV show at Clark Atlanta University  where he focused on the important role assigned to the African Diaspora in the AU agenda and how the Diaspora can seize this opportunity to make a significant contribution to the development and integration mission of the Africa continent,   and   USA . He   seize  the   opportunity  to commission  and endorse officially  the decade long  visionary  initiative  of  the Africa Heritage  Foundation in Atlanta Georgia.

The main highlight of the visit was a keynote address by Dr. Jean Ping, to Morehouse College, Atlanta, Georgia.  In his address entitled “The future of the African Continent and the African Union”, the Chairperson placed the development of the African Union in clear perspective along a time continuum of the past, present and future.  He began with an explanation of how and why the Union came into being through transformation of the predecessor organization, the Organization of African Unity (OAU), its design, institutional framework and the difficulties and challenges that it confronted, into the AU, and how the AU is dealing with them, particularly, its peace and security agenda, financing and constraints arising from the wider international environment.

Again, he underlined the important role that the African Union has given to the Diaspora in this renaissance project and align it to the vision that Africa wishes for its future. He saw that future as “one in which Africa stands tall among its peers in the international community.  It will be one where affairs of the world are decided in Lagos, Johannesburg, Cairo, Bangui and Nairobi rather than in Washington, Moscow, Peking and London. It will be one in which our children are coming back home in droves to take advantage of the benefits of the motherland rather than becoming boat people and engaging in hazardous journeys to seek fake promises in Europe and the West… Our purpose is renaissance”.

Very often, in the course of his remark, Dr. Ping complimented the Africa Heritage Foundation and the leadership of Chief Tunde Adetunji, for ensuring the success of the visit. The compliment was also echoed by others, including the City Council and Morehouse College, where Chief Tunde Adetunji was also presented with commendations and awards for promoting    and projecting positive  mission  and  goal  of  AU agenda in the USA , and as  well   playing leadership role  in arranging the meetings in particular, and more  importantly for his untiring commitment to promoting strong and positive ties between the city of Atlanta, the state  of Georgia, the African Union and the African continent.


The  visit   of the   AU  Chairperson  is   an endorsement  of   the Africa Heritage Foundation serious  undertaken and  numerous  initiatives  to broaden  the   horizon of   USA  Economic  prospects  towards  sustainable development  in   Africa, Technology   transfer,  Human   resources    and  Capacity  building,Relocation and   establishment of   new  businesses to  the   state of   Georgia,  opening of   more consular  operation in  Atlanta ,increase  of  both   passengers   air and   sea  cargoes to   Georgia through the  airport  and  seaport of Savannah, international    student   and   study abroad  programme,establishment of   USAFRICA business  Expo,  Establishment of   Radio   and T.V to bridge  the   gap  of  information  and communication,Establishment of Library system  for research  and quest of  Africa studies, promotion  of  both   Eco and  Cultural tourism , development    of sports,  sporting   activities   and   training,Establishment  of  Africa  village for the promotion  of   tourism  and creation   of   jobs  and  finally  established  Atlanta   and   the   state  of   Georgia   as  the  gateway of  Africa potentials   and   business  opportunity’s  to  USA ,


“Vision  is   Greater   than Ambition”




Washington, 21 April 2011

Chief Tunde Adetunji, Africa Heritage Foundation, Inc., 145 Nassau Street, Atlanta, Georgia 30303, USA Tel: +1 404 577 7011

Jim Maddox, Michael Julian Bond, President Ceasar C. Mitchell, His Excellency Dr. Jean Ping, Mayor Kasim Reed, CEO Chief Adetunji Tunde

Chairman of the Commission for the African Union, Dr. Jean Ping receives the Presidential Award from the Moorehouse College


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