Upcoming Events

Lecture Series

Symposium, lectures seminars and workshop on African heritage values, culture, food, clothing, Family values Traditional Africa naming ceremony, Chieftains titles/Ceremony, African names and Meaning, African Languages, Tribes of Africa History of bygone empires and kingdoms of Africa and Africa today. History of Underground rail road and series, The history and origin of black history month. The History of Fredrick Douglas. lecture on Origin of money, trade by barter, manila and co wry Shell, African music and dances.

Venues – Schools and Colleges, Fulton county and Cobb county libraries, churches, offices, and Various organizations, MUSEUMS AND galleries. TBA.

Africa Day Celebration

AFRICA DAY CELEBRATION (MAY 24th – 25th, 2010).
Planned Events:

  • Parade Of All The Africa Nations
  • USAfrica Economic Conference And Expo.
  • Symposium, Workshop, andPaper Presentation
  • Town Hall Meeting
  • Gala Night and Fund Raising
  • Musical Concert to Celebrate Africa
  • Launching Of The Africa Village Project
  • Launching Of The World Cup Event and Presentation of Atlanta As The 2018 Hosting City

Venue – Atlanta Georgia.

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Special Event

Venue – Johannesburg South Africa (June 12th, 2010)

  • Nelson Mandela Celebrate Africa Exhibition And Concert
  • Musical Tribute to Mandela
  • USAfrica Economic Conference And Expo
  • Award Night.

Booking and Program Information

Contact the Project Coordinator for Africa Heritage Foundation/Africa world museum.
Tel (770) 435-8749
e-mail: africawoldmuseum@hotmail.com
e-mail: africaheritagefoundation@gmail.com

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